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Kostas Falangas

The Sketcher art(ist)

My medium of choice is sketching, and I use it to communicate a diverse spectrum of people in a variety of settings, including ordinary life and other historical contexts, with a special focus on the Greeks.

By sketching, I spontaneously externalise what I probably don't think but want to paint.


It's my inner urge for expression, which is serene and altruistic, and it's an expression that rarely lasts for more than five minutes. This is something that I do in a digital art technique (tablets), and markers and acrylic colors are something that I utilize in stretched canvases extremely infrequently.

My objective is to get ideas and feelings out of my head as quickly as possible. On each and every one of my pieces of art, my logo is used as a signature.

My inspiration

I am very much inspired by ancient statues of archaeological sites and museums around Greece. Additionally I am particularly inspired by the Minoan Civilisation and its colours which bring a different dimension to my art.

Various inspirations come also out of different daily situations of humans, ancient Greece and Crete, as well as other situations which will gain my attention.

My backround

My grandmother Agape and mother Maria, both graduates of the Athens School of Fine Arts (grandmother 1929) and the Doxiadi School of Fine Arts (mother 1959), had a great artistic impact on me from a young age.

Since 1996, when I graduated from Switzerland's International Hotel School in Glion (GIHE), I've been working as a hotelier and hotel and tourism consultant. I am an avid reader and fluent in six languages.

I studied art history in a small group in the Contemporary Museum of Crete's fine arts for the past five years.


My personal expression is sketching human figures from everyday life, either freely and symbolically, sarcastically, or otherwise.


In my sketches, I just depict human individuals going about their daily lives or historical replicas of art as I see them. Finally, I make caricatures or satirical portraits that satirise everyday human events.


A unique-style
sketcher artist

My goal in creating this design is to convey the emotion that my "protagonist" or "hero" evokes in me. For me, the most important thing is speed because it allows me to avoid filtering, rationalizing, and beautifying it, so it remains raw and natural.


This ensures that the paintings' expressiveness remains unaltered from their initial shape, just as they inspire me. So I paint digitally using a stylus that acts like a pencil or brush and doesn't let up until I'm satisfied with the results and then I edit and rework. I feel like my hand is acting as an intermediary, leaving an impression of handwriting that isn't mine.

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